April 12, 2005, 10:00 a.m. EST

Advanced science and Automation Corp. Releases DIS/Tire

Detroit, MI- Advanced science and Automation Corp. (www.ascience.com) announces the release of DIS/Tire - a specialized version of the DIS time-accurate finite element code for modeling tires and vehicle suspension systems. The tire and suspension system are constructed in a user-friendly graphical design environment that includes a hierarchical tree editor. The user can easily define the tire cross-section and the circumference and meridian reinforcements of the tire (bead, belt, and ply). The tire rubber matrix is modeled using brick elements and the reinforcements are modeled using truss or beam elements. DIS/Tire can accurately predict the transient response of the combined rolling tire and suspension system with arbitrary pavement profiles. Response quantities predicted include tire deformation, stresses in rubber matrix and in the reinforcements, and normal and tangential friction forces between the tire and the pavement and the tire and the wheel.

Dr. Ayman Wasfy, VP of Engineering of Advanced Science and Automation Corp., commented: "DIS/Tire explicit time integration solver and asperity-based friction model accurately and efficiently model wheel-tire and tire-pavement frictional contact. Also, DIS/Tire's hierarchical tree editor allows engineers to easily and quickly build the model of the tire and suspension system. We are pleased to introduce this technology at the 2005 SAE World Congress."

For typical automotive tires, DIS/Tire can perform 1 sec. of simulation in about 2 hours of computer time on a 3.4 GHz Pentium workstation. In addition, DIS/Tire offers parallel solution on shared-memory multi-processor workstations. DIS/Tire includes a powerful graphical post-processor for displaying an animation of the motion of the tire and graphs of response quantities of interest.

About Advanced Science and Automation, Corp.

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