April 12, 2005, 10:00 a.m. EST

Advanced science and Automation Corp. Releases DIS/Belt V1.5

Detroit, MI- Advanced science and Automation Corp. (www.ascience.com) introduces DIS/Belt V1.5 - a specialized version of the DIS time-accurate finite element code for modeling automotive and industrial belt-drives. The user constructs the belt-drive in a user-friendly graphical design environment using a library of objects that include belt, pulley, clutch, coupler, joints, and linear/rotational tension arms. Important effects such as Coulomb friction between the pulleys and belt, belt bending, gravity, and asymmetric tension arm damping/friction are also accurately modeled. DIS/Belt predicts the dynamic response of belt-drives due to transient events such as 1-2 shifts, cycling of an accessory load such as the air-conditioner, or sudden loss in friction due to, for example, pouring water on the belt. DIS/Belt also predicts belt-drive stability/natural frequencies and response due to harmonic excitation from the engine. In addition, this new version includes accurate tooth contact for timing belts and chains.

According to Dr. Ayman Wasfy, VP of Engineering of Advanced Science and Automation Corp., "DIS/Belt is the only finite element code on the market that can accurately and efficiently model the stick-slip behavior between the belt(s) and the pulleys. This is enabled by the DIS asperity-based friction model and the explicit-time integration solver. Another important characteristic of DIS/Belt is that it maintains time-accuracy and energy/momentum conservation over arbitrarily long simulation times."

For typical automotive belt-drives, DIS/Belt can perform 1 sec. of simulation in about 8 minutes of computer time on a 3.4 GHz Pentium workstation. In addition, DIS/Belt offers parallel solution on shared-memory multi-processor workstations. DIS/Belt includes a powerful graphical post-processor for displaying an animation of the motion of the belt-drive and graphs of response quantities of interest.

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