November 6, 2002, 8:00 a.m. EST

VizTek Inc. and Advanced Science and Automation Corp. Announce Strategic Alliance: Companies to Jointly Provide Comprehensive Turnkey Virtual Reality Solutions

Iowa City, IA/Smithfield, VA- VizTek Inc. (, a leader in PC-based simulation, visualization, and virtual reality solutions and Advanced Science and Automation Corporation (ASA) (, a provider of integrated Virtual-Reality, Scientific Visualization, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), and Flexible Multibody Dynamics software today announced the formation of a strategic alliance to supply comprehensive turnkey VR solutions.

The VizTek-ASA alliance will leverage the complementary expertise of the two companies to enable high quality turnkey solutions on distributed and clustered PC-driven immersive multi-screen virtual environments at a substantially lower total cost of ownership than anything currently offered on the market. The alliance is focused on providing integrated virtual environments for applications such as:

  • Visualization of large-scale complex CFD and geospatial datasets
  • Visualization of finite element dynamic/static simulation results.
  • Visualization of flexible multibody systems.
  • Walkthrough of large-scale physical facilities.
  • Advanced interactive simulators of physical systems and facilities for use in training.

ASA developed IVRESS (Integrated Virtual Reality Environment for Synthesis and Simulation) and IVRESS/agent. IVRESS is a general-purpose virtual-reality toolkit for immersive visualization of CFD datasets, geospatial datasets, finite element simulations, flexible multibody dynamics simulations, and physical facilities. IVRESS/agent is an intelligent agent that allows the user(s) to issue commands inside the virtual environment using natural language and offers advanced process control capabilities.

VizTek virtual-reality hardware solutions are built on PC technology whereby several PCs are synchronized to generate simultaneous stereoscopic images on multiple walls. VizTek solutions include high-end projectors (CRT, LCD, and DLP), active and passive stereoscopic glasses, hand/head electro-magnetic tracking, force feedback devices, and audio-surround system. VizTek offers solutions that include 1-6 PC-driven flat or curved virtual walls. VizTek also offers fixed and portable virtual walls and 3D virtual reality technology for visualization and event marketing.

IVRESS and IVRESS/agent coupled with VizTek's PC-based visualization capabilities offer a complete high quality, cost-effective, and easy to use virtual-reality solution.

According to Dr. Karim Malek, CEO of VizTek, "ASA has very unique technologies that enable the visualization of complex engineering phenomena inside virtual reality immersive systems. These solutions are poised to make significant contributions towards enhancing productivity and product quality and promoting collaborative communications. To my knowledge, ASA is the only company that has enabled the visualization of complex CFD and multibody systems within PC based visualization systems".

"The strategic alliance with VizTek represents a powerful synergy of complementary technologies and strengths," adds Dr. Ayman Wasfy, ASA's Vice President of Engineering, "Our clients will be able to leverage our combined strengths and expertise to rapidly and easily deploy high performance Virtual Reality solutions with an impressive array of capabilities that can tackle the widest possible range of visualization applications. All this at a price point that we believe will result in significant mass adoption both in industry and academia," Dr. Wasfy concluded.

About VizTek, Inc.

VizTek was founded in 2001 in Iowa City, Iowa and is privately owned. VizTek has very quickly established itself as a leader in PC based visualization whether for web based 3D interaction or for virtual reality (multi-pipe fully immersive systems). What differentiates VizTek among all other visualization companies is the quality achieved using PC systems. VizTek has developed technologies that enable rapid deployment of fully immersive systems using state-of-the-art software and hardware. For more information, please visit

About Advanced Science and Automation, Corp.

Founded in 1998, Advanced Science and Automation Corporation mission is to provide state-of-the-art virtual-reality and simulation solutions for our customers. We bring to our customers systems that incorporate cutting edge technology and science advances. These advances provide our customers with the competitive advantage they need to achieve higher productivity and profitability. Our products include IVRESS, IVRESS/CFD, and IVRESS/agent, the most powerful object-oriented virtual-reality software tools for immersive visualization on the market, as well as DIS, a general-purpose time-accurate finite element solver. For more information, please visit

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